Additional Information


SMOKING: Sorry, but smoking is not allowed in any of our cabins. You may smoke on the decks, or anywhere else on the property.  Please be kind and police your cigarette butts.

PETS: Sorry pets are generally not permitted.  We do have one of the smaller cabins that is small pet friendly, so make sure you enquire in advance. A non-refundable deposit is required.  We can direct you to local kennels if needed.

A minimum $5 per day charge will apply if a pet is approved for a pet friendly cabin. Be sure to inquire about these specific cabins when making reservations.  Please note that some Policies apply when bringing your pet to the Property.

  • Pets are not allowed in non-pet friendly units.
  • The pets of a guest visiting you are not authorized in any cabins.
  • Guest must have paid a damage deposit in advance and assume full responsibility for any damages that might occur. Extra charges for cleaning and damages may apply.
  • Property management reserves the right to prohibit any pets or animals on the premises. If a guest is evicted due to an intimidating, destructive, dangerous, or noisy animal, the guest is still responsible for full rental payment of their cabin.
  • Pets are not permitted in areas being used by other guests.  Your pet must be attended to at all times and on a leash as necessary. Pets may not be left unattended at any time in a cabin unless in a pet carrier or crate.
  • Maintenance and housekeeping staff might not enter your unit unless your dog is leashed or confined.
  • Pets are not allowed to interfere with the activities of guests or at other Property facilities and the ponds.
  • All pet owners are required to clean up after their pets and are responsible for their actions.
  • Dogs must be current with all vaccinations and have tags or documentation.
  • You should secure or stake pets while outside your pet friendly cabin. This will enable your pet to be tied down while outside with the family.

Thank you for complying with these Policies.

BOATS: We have plenty of room for boats on the property where you can park right by your cabin.  Some cabins have covered parking areas and all have power and water hook ups available at the cabin.

FISHING: We have three nice ponds on the property at Kudzu Cove. They are for guests use and enjoyment for fishing and watching the wildlife around the ponds.  We frequently have deer and beavers come visit. Our ponds are “Catch & Release”. Enjoy and take a picture of the big ones!

If you have been fishing on other bodies of water, please clean your fish and dispose of the remains offsite.

COOKING: Fish fries, like any good cook outs should be cooked outside the cabin, please.

SPIDERS, SNAKES, and OTHER MAMMALS:  Yes, you may find all these way out in the woods at Kudzu Cove. If you go out on our increasing number of  trails, you should always look around when you are out hiking and check for ticks when you come back in for a nice hot shower.

Here are links to help you identify anything you run across:

PARTIES: Sorry, No Beer Busts and Spring Break Parties are allowed!  We are here for a relaxing vacation and enjoyment of the wooded acres and ponds around Kudzu Cove.  We can only accept reservation agreements with Adult supervision present during the rental period.

AREA CODE: The area code for Marshall County is (256).

TEMPERATURES: The average summer temperature is 92 degrees. The average winter temperature is 43 degrees.

ADULT BEVERAGES: Alcohol is available in Albertville and Guntersville. All other areas of Marshall County are legally "dry".